Evaluation scorecard template
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Evaluation scorecard template

An evaluation scorecard is a templatized structure that allows interviewers to consistently provide feedback on job candidates.

Companies looking to reduce bias, and improve the outcomes of their hiring process often prefer using structured feedback versus unstructured feedback because it makes comparisons among candidates easier to decipher. Structured feedback — such as 1-5 scales, or yes/no questions — is similar in form, often quantifiable, and does not leave room for interpretation. Unstructured feedback — such as personal narratives, written sentences, or “gut feelings — is subjective and unrepeatable.

To achieve the most fair outcomes in hiring, use an evaluation scorecard. 

The good news is, while quite rigid and structured, an evaluation scorecard can help measure any details about a particular role or personality you’re looking to hire. Put your creative energy in developing a scorecard that really helps measure what you’re seeking.

Here are some other keys to good scorecards and scorecard etiquette: 

To get you started, we’ve built a sample evaluation scorecard that you can edit and use at your discretion.

Adjusting your interview process for scalability, repeatability, and fairness will speed up your hiring process and produce stronger hiring decisions. Once you’ve found one or two stellar candidates, it’s time to make the offer.