Job seekers deserve a better experience
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Job seekers deserve a better experience

Through a positive candidate experience, organizations can gain the trust and loyalty of applicants who may become advocates for an organization and help bolster their employer brand. With a stronger employer brand, organizations can distinguish themselves as an employer of choice in their industry.

Works with your favorite tools

Well-integrated with the tools you already know

Apply instantly

Eliminate candidates bouncing off job applications when they don’t work or aren’t user friendly. Wow candidates with the perfect application process, optimized for any device.

Mobile first and friendly application experience

Not only are more people applying for jobs on the move. Their attention spans are also getting increasingly shorter. Our job page is to overcome this problem.

Give your candidates privacy choices

Our cookie banner makes your job pages compliant with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and data-privacy regulations.

According to Glassdoor, employers that advertise that their applications are mobile-friendly increase submissions by 11.6%

Engage larger talent network today

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